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History & Introduction

Looking back, we know that Gabriel Argy Rousseau was an innovator in the field of art glass manufacturing. Despite his fame today, he was...
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Argy Rousseau Vases

Vases are considered the most desirable form of Argy-Rousseau art glass. Most vases are large enough to really showcase all of the colors and...
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G Argy-Rousseau Marks

Most good Argy-Rousseau is easily identifiable without a mark. However, there are some modern reproductions out there and it is important to...
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Boxes and Bowls

Our guide has a full listing of a few dozen different types of bowls and boxes made by Argy Rousseau. Take special note that if there are two...
Boxes & Bowls

Price & Value Guide

So this is the most important question, what is my G. Argy-Rousseau piece worth? Well the answer is that the value depends on several different...
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Argy Rousseau Lamps

There is a special subset of collectors who specialize in Argy Rousseau lamps. Condition is always very important. Most buyers also want...
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Get A Free Appraisal

I would be happy to share my opinion of the value of your Argy Rousseau art glass. Just be sure to include pictures of the piece and let me know if...
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Pendants & Necklaces

This category is typically the most affordable of any art glass made by Rousseau. Prices starts at a few hundred dollars and really never get...
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