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G. Argy-Rousseau Lamps & Lights Value Guide

Argy Rousseau Lamps & Lights

The world of G. Argy Rousseau lamps is vast and treacherous.  It is definitely not an area that the casual collector should attempt to take on without the guidance of a seasoned dealer.  Here are the issues:

1)  Lamps almost always have condition issues.  Unlike vases which could safely be tucked in a cabinet or on a mantle and stay in pristine condition for decades, most lamps were functional and handled on a daily basis.  They were out in the open and frequently got knocked over.  It is much more common to encounter lamps with repairs and fixes than it is to find a problem free lamp.

2)  Not all items that are lamps today started out that way.  Just like it was popular ten years ago to convert old bottles into lamps, there was a period of time when people converted vases into lamps.  This involved putting a metal cap around the rim (usually with glue) and drilling a hole in the base for the wiring to go through.  Converted vases are not true lamps and they should not be valued as such.

3)  A lot of mixing and matching has occurred over the years.  Many lamps you see on the market today are probably not with their original base, and it is even less likely that they have all of their original hardware.

The above three things can make two seemingly identical lamps have very different values.  A rare G. Argy Rousseau lamp in perfect condition with all original hardware could sell for $15,000.  A lamp that looks exactly the same, but has professional repairs and replacement hardware might not even be worth $5,000.

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